15 May 2013

Commit 2-B Fitt

Physical Fitness is a common denominator to good living. It shows your mental capacity to know and understand your own presence and well-being. Understanding and appreciating your physical health puts you in the state of mind to take on all challenges and obstacles with pure focus. Fitness can be addicting, although at times the mind will try to trick you and tell you what you’re physically not capable of doing. Look at your mind as a battlefield and yourself as your own worst enemy. You must constantly be prepared to strategize knowing the importance of your decisions. Fitness prepares you for the challenges your mind and society put in front of you. No matter the outcome of the challenge, it’s going to be a winning situation if you look at it as a learning experience.

Pure Mental Freedom (“PMF”) is the practice of clear and wise thoughts directed towardsgreat progress. PMF is the process of transforming your thoughts from negative to positive. PMF teaches you to change evil to good. However, the mind is the most powerful tool your body possesses. You must learn to respect and use it properly. Life begins in the mind. Therefore, you must recognize and realize the power of choice. Become a product of your choices, not a victim. Choose wisely, a strong mind will create a strong body. Commit 2-B Fit.