15 May 2013

Put You First

The most common excuses we hear from people when it comes to getting fit and watching they’re eating habits is; “they’re to busy with family choirs, it’s not enough time in a day or they just don’t have the know how to healthy cooking”.

You have 24hr in a day. 30 min too an hour of that day, you can set aside time to enjoy the gym, ride your bike, run, hike, exercise, ect….
Fitness is the most important factor of your life. Your thoughts and ideas are more intense, awesome becomes apart of your appearance and your health becomes marinated with energy.
If you had the chance to ultimately live lon
ger, would that motivate you enough to manage your time better threw-out the day and make healthier decisions?
Team Get It In strongly suggest that you work out in the morning or find time to fit a lunch hour work out in, if your job allows you.

Weekends are also perfect for family activities in which you can join your love ones in daily exercise. Take advantage of time giving. You are in control. Make your health a personal responsibility and make exercising a priority.

Value your health -“Team Get It In”